5 Easy Ways to Take Your Wedding Details to the Next Level!

There are SO many different details of a wedding day and it can be really hard to remember every little detail…no pun intended 🙂 It’s so easy for your details to take a back seat when it comes to planning out your wedding day. I have been shooting weddings for some time now and I can honestly say that shooting details has become my favorite portion of the day. Wedding Details

Besides the portrait session, I can get my creative juices flowing and make the bride and groom details shine!! You don’t have to have a million things for your wedding details to shine! Sometimes less is truly more. I have found that the best details are the most simple details. You want everything to fit into the big picture and help tell the story of your day! To help make the planning a little less stressful, here are 5 easy ways to take your details to the next level!

1. Have Extras I always recommend having extra elements that can be added to your details that will highlight the theme of your day. Fabric or ribbons of the color for your wedding day, the wax seal, all parts of the invitation, extra jewelry, a ring box, or even scrabble letters! Anything that will add some more pop to your wedding details is something that I always highly recommend!

2. Request Extra and Loose Florals! Sometimes flowers will arrive after the photographers get there so for starters, make sure they are there by the time the photographers arrive. Secondly, ask your florist to provide you with some extra petals or loose florals. These can be used to fill in any holes in your detail arrangement and make your photos pop! Wedding Details

Wedding Details

3. Smells are in the air! I love it when a bride and groom have special perfume or cologne that they wear for their wedding day. It has such significance and whenever they smell it on each other, it brings them back to their wedding day! Pro tip: make sure you have a full bottle of your favorite scent because they photograph best! Wedding Details

4. The little things matter! I can’t tell you how many times brides or grooms forget about the simple little things that will enhance a photograph if they are simply remembered. Those plastic hangers that come with the wedding dress? yea, get rid of that and get yourself a nice wooden one off of Etsy or Amazon. I promise you that just by changing the hanger, it will make a world of difference in your photos.

I usually keep an extra wooden hanger with me as well as a mirror for when I shoot wedding details incase a bride forgets but having something that goes along with your style can go a long way in the photographs. 🙂

Having a nice clean space for the details to be photographed can help too. I can’t tell you how many weddings I have gone to where the bridal suite is just filled with clutter and random objects. By simply having a space dedicated to your wedding details for them to be photographed will make a world of difference in your images as well. Wedding Details

Wedding Details

5. Help out your photographer! I absolutely love it when I walk into a bridal suite and the maid of honor or bride shows me that they have all the details set up and ready to go to be photographed. This way I know that everything that the brides want to be photographed is sitting right there and I don’t have to take the time to go and search all the remainder of the items to be photographed.

Make sure that all of the detail items are in one central location and are ready to be photographed before the photographer arrives. Shoes, Dress, Jewelry, Perfume, Flowers, Invitations, Rings, Tie, Bowtie, Cologne, Boutineer, Cufflinks, Watch, etc. should all be together and ready to go. One thing that I have noticed is that sometimes flowers will arrive after I have begun photographing details.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you get the flowers there as early as possible or you coordinate with your photographer and florist on what time they should be thereby. Sometimes, I will give the florist a call and find out what time they will be dropping off the bouquets so that I can gauge what time I will begin photographing the details.

The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day details should reflect YOU. They are a part of YOUR wedding day story, so let them have meaning and give them just as much attention as you would to planning everything else! Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help! Happy Planning 🙂 Wedding Details

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5 Easy Ways to Take Your Wedding Details to the Next Level! 15