5 Ways to MAXIMIZE your Wedding Photography during COVID-19

This COVID-19 Pandemic has been changing every plan that you have probably set for the next month or so. Keeping you bound to your house and probably making you go nuts! This is a good time to do some SERIOUS wedding planning during this time. I have come up with 5 ways to MAXIMIZE your wedding photography during this Pandemic.

Plan an EPIC engagement session spot during COVID-19!

When I speak with a couple about their engagement session, 99% of the time they aren’t quite sure where they want to go. Start researching some ideas and make a wishlist of places where you and your fiancé want to possibly do your session. If you aren’t sure, think about this! If you could pick anywhere in this world to do your engagement session, where would it be and why?

Asking yourself that question will help if you are stuck! I have always wanted to do an engagement session at a carnival, aquarium, or a baseball stadium! I feel like those places are different and people don’t always think to do their sessions at places like that. They simply go for the park, forest or city idea and never think out fo the box! Think outside the box, be creative, and be original! It’s more fun 🙂

Think about the style of Wedding Photography 

Photographers have different styles and you want to make sure that their style matches what you want your wedding images to look at! Do you want a more muted look to your images or for them to be bright and colorful? Researching Instagram’s or website’s will give you the best understanding of the photographer’s style and work!

Wedding Photography

How much is in your budget for a wedding photographer?

This is something that most couples either don’t know or don’t prepare before meeting with a photographer. Make sure that you budget enough to pay for a good photographer. You are going to get married once in life so do it right the first time. Buy nice don’t buy twice! The more you can allocate to a wedding photographer the better images you’re going to receive.

I have met with quite a few couples who’s budget was lower than what we offer for our couples and we couldn’t work together. Now sometimes it is a financial struggle and I understand that can be a factor, however, do your best to save and pay for a photographer whose work is excellent, they are providing you with good service and they are an experienced photographer.

Create a Mood Board

I have talked about this before in another blog. On top of your entire wedding mood board, you should have one strictly for your wedding photography. Providing your photographer with different poses, different images and different editing styles that you like will help them better understand what you want in regards to the actual images pertaining to your wedding. Pinterest is a wonderful tool to use when creating your mood boards!

Meet with more than 1 Wedding Photographer

You want to be comfortable with your photographer. Gaining trust in someone comes with being comfortable with them. I have met with more couples than I could count however, I have found that the couples who have been comfortable with me from simply our conversations, have hired me to shoot their wedding. Sometimes you will find the person at the first meeting but sometimes it takes meeting with more than 1 to find the person you trust.

I promise this weird time we are living in is almost over and everything will begin to go back to normal. Just be patient and use this time wisely. I am here if anyone has any questions or would like to simply chat about your day. Use this time wisely and we will chat soon!

If you engaged or if you know anyone who is engaged and is looking for an Engagement Photographer  or a Wedding Photographer please CONTACT ME

5 Ways to MAXIMIZE your Wedding Photography during COVID-19 3

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