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7 Fun Tips to Including Your Furbaby In Your Engagement Session!

fun tips to including your furbaby

I have 7 fun tips to including your furbaby in your engagement session! I ABSOLUTELY love animals. From dogs to cats to hamsters, a furbaby is a part of your family. It could be that I have an 85lb pitbull named Sully who is my best bud or that I always have a soft spot for animals but I love when a couple incorporates their animal into their engagement session 🙂 fun tips to including your furbaby

It can most definitely be tricky incorporating our four-legged family members and making them perfect models. I have come up with some amazing tips for getting your furbaby comfortable and being a star in front of the camera 🙂

Make sure we chose a location that is pet-friendly and allows your fur-baby present

I know this seems like an obvious one but you would be surprised how many places don’t allow pets and you want to make sure that they allow pets. This can usually be found right on their website!

Include your fur-baby in a portion of the engagement session. 

I always recommend doing your furbaby first when they have the most attention and it is the easiest for them to pay attention.

Arrive early with your furbaby, especially a dog. 

I have come across this recently where the couple’s dog wants to run around and SNIFF EVERYTHING lol. So I would suggest getting there early and allowing your pet to get acclimated with the area so that they are a little more focused when it is time to shoot! fun tips to including your furbaby


fun tips to including your furbaby


  • Get them fresh grooming or bath. You want to look your best for your engagement session and so should your furbaby. A nice fresh fluff for the pup will make them really happy and picture ready!
  • Extra hands for the extra paws. It is always best to have someone who can care for the pup while we are shooting. The sessions can last anywhere from an hour to two hours, so you want to bring someone who wouldn’t mind hanging out with us and taking care of your pup while we are finishing up your session



  • Props, Signs, and Bows Oh My! Sometimes couples will have a bowtie, special collar, or sign that says “My Humans Are Getting Married” to wear around their neck during the session. No need to go overboard but it is always good to have a prop or two for them. fun tips to including your furbaby
  • Come Prepared. Make sure you come prepared with the following things in case you need them
    • Extra Waterbowl/Cold Water. If we are going to be shooting outside in the middle of July and it is hot, your pooch will get thirsty, so make sure you bring water for them to drink.
    • Pooper Scooper. Just like us humans, dogs have to do their business as well. Most places will require to pick up after your dog, so make sure you bring a doggy bag to pick up their poop.
    • Lint Roller. Dogs have the tendency to shed and we don’t want doggy hair all over you in the remainder of the photos. Throw one in your bag before leaving the house in case you need it.
    • Your Doggo’s Favorite Toy/Treat. Your dog definitely has a favorite toy or treat that they love the most. Bringing that to keep their attention focused will help when posing them for a photo.
    • Nice Leash and Collar. I would suggest either buying your dog a new leash and collar or cleaning the one you use at home to make your photos look more appealing and so we can include it in the photos and not have to photoshop it out later.

I hope this helps prepare your furbaby or furbabies for their photo op during your engagement session. I am a huge dog lover and always love playing with dogs on shoots. I do encourage bringing them to your session and including them in this special moment in your life. They are a part of your family, why not? Don’t hesitate to reach out with any specific questions you may have in regard to your session and bringing along your four-legged friends. fun tips to including your furbaby

fun tips to including your furbaby

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