Jessica and Dylan Engagement Session Allentown NJ

December 17, 2019


Jessica and Dylan’s Engagement Session was a HUGE success. Their pups, Axel and Molly were some of the most behaved dogs I’ve worked with. We had a hard time, in the beginning, to get them to cooperate but once they calmed down, they really did well. As much as I wanted to keep photographing with the pups, it was time to focus on Jess and Dylan. At the beginning of the engagement session, Dylan wasn’t as into it as Jess was and he told me he was doing it for her. Well by the end of it, he was enjoying himself a lot and he told me that he had a good time. Now that’s a successful engagement session.

Jessica and Dylan both grew up in the Franklinville NJ area. They met when they were in grade school and were best friends throughout their time in school. Jessica said it was so cute because Dylan asked her to their 6th-grade dance. Unfortunately, after they graduated high school they lost touch, but 3 years later they reconnected over Facebook and have been together ever since.

They always had a crush on each other which had stemmed from grade school. When Jess was going through a rough patch in her life they reconnected as friends. Being the gentleman that he is, Dylan was constantly supporting Jess and helping her in any way she needed during this rough time. His dedication, kindness, loyalty, and support made all those feelings she had as a kid come flowing back. It got to a point in her life where she didn’t want to go a day without being with Dylan. Her temporary move into his apartment became a permanent move because she never left.

On May 15, 2019, Dylan had tricked Jessica into thinking she was going to a dinner for his Mom’s birthday, but instead, he gathered all of her closest friends and family to be there when he got down on one knee and proposed to Jessica. She was in utter shock. She dropped everything and starting crying with tears of happiness.

I really enjoyed working with these 2 lovely people for their engagement session and thanks for allowing me to capture your sweet love through my lens.

Jessica and Dylan will be tying the knot in October 2021, at Bogey’s in Pitman, NJ.


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Jessica and Dylan Engagement Session Allentown NJ 23