Asbury Park Boardwalk Engagement Session | Chris and Diana

February 25, 2020

Let me tell you about Chris and Diana! Their engagement session was so much fun and they are the most fun and sweetest couple ever. From the moment we started, I knew that their engagement session was going to be one of my favorites. I cannot wait to share their session with you all! We went to two locations for their session! Thank god we did because Lake Topanemous Park was a little crowded. The weather was like a beautiful early spring day, so I don’t blame everyone for being out enjoying the beautiful weather. The murals on the Asbury Park Boardwalk were my favorite part and the sun was setting at the right angle so their sun flare shots were perfection! I cannot wait to share this session with you all! But first, let me tell you about how Chris and Diana met!


Chris and Diana met none other than online or as Chris puts it, “We met in what has become the millennial norm, the internet :)” He said that they met on OkCupid. They both swiped right and started chatting! After your usual exchange of “what do you do'” and “what is your sign,” he asked for her number. Their first date was oh so perfect! Since Diana had never seen Mulan, Chris knew what their first date was going to be! Dinner and a movie! Nothing like a classic, easy-going, first date as dinner and a movie, a Disney movie, nonetheless! I am such a sucker for a good Disney movie! “We ended up talking for a good two hours after the film and even shared a smooch in the parking lot.” Chris said he walked away knowing that a date number two was all but guaranteed.

“We wouldn’t say there was one “I love this person” person moment either of us had. It developed gradually over time. Longer dates, more time over at my place after work and slowly we came to realize that our connection was stronger than simply someone I’m seeing.”

It was on Valentine’s Day 2018 where they exchanged their first “I Love You” with eachother and haven’t skipped a day since! I think that is the most amazing thing ever! They’re keeping their love alive and making sure that they never miss a day! It is so easy to lose sight of that sometimes when lives get hectic! Ugh, I love that.

Diana and Chris were heading to New Orleans the day after Christmas. His original plan was to do this grand proposal in the city, but as the day got closer he was more and more afraid of losing the ring in transit. So after a couple quick phone calls and asking her father for permission, Chris popped the question on Christmas Eve at her parent’s house. How Chris did it was kind of clever! “After waiting all evening, the last present opened was the one with the ring in it. I got one knee as she opened the bag and asked her to marry me in front of her family. Diana said yes and it remains the happiest day of our lives.”

Then I asked Chris and Diana what they are most excited for about their wedding! “We are most excited about getting all of our family and friends together in one place to celebrate. We are a scattered group coming from many different states and countries, so having everyone together in one location will be a very rare occasion for us. Also, the cocktail hour because that’s the best part of any wedding.”

I am so excited to be capturing their special day! We are going to have such a fun time! Chris and Diana are getting married on Saturday, October 23, 2020, at the Crystal Ballroom in Freehold, NJ.




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