Kim and Kyle Engagement Session Bear Mountain NY

December 24, 2019



Kim and Kyle’s early winter Bear Mountain Engagement session was a huge success on Sunday. For those who have been to Bear Mountain before, you know it is a very large park and there is ALOT to cover. Despite the cold weather and beating sunlight, Kim and Kyle were absolute troopers and nailed their session. I couldn’t have asked for a better session with these two right before the holiday season.

Both Alumni of Montclair State University, Kim was a Music Therapy Major and Kyle was a Psychology Major. Kim and Kyle met in the summer of 2012 when Kim was 18 and Kyle was 21. They met at a party through mutual friends and soon realized they were both students at Montclair State. They talked until the sun came up, which to me is a sign of true love.

Kim said that they fell in love quickly. She saw how kind and respectful Kyle was and knew that he was a true gentleman. Kim says that every day she spends with Kyle is like falling in love with him all over again. He makes her feel like a beautiful, genuine person.

Kim and Kyle’s amazing winter outfits and her superb jumpsuit were found at Kohl‘s and her ring was Kyle’s Grandmother’s ring.

Kim and Kyle will be tying the knot on Saturday, October 31, 2020, at The Grand in Totowa.

How Did He Propose?

Now, this has to be one of the cutest proposals ever. Keep reading and you’ll see why. On October 12, 2019, Kyle asked Kim to go for a walk with him, his sister, her husband, and their newborn son. They were taking some photos in front of the New York City Skyline at the Meadowlands Environmental Center when Kyle popped the question.

Kyle’s sister Jen, asked Kim and Kyle to take photos with Logan and his toy pumpkin. Jen placed Logan on Kyle’s lap and the baby blanket’s with the “toy pumpkin” in her lap. But little did Kim know, it was a real pumpkin with a ring on the stem. When she uncovered the pumpkin in her lap, she saw the ring on the stem. She looked up at Kyle and with the biggest grin on his face, he asked Kim to marry him. To, of course, she said YES!


What are the most excited about for your wedding?

“I am most excited about the ceremony. To walk down the aisle and see Kyle standing at the end, waiting for me to then walk back down the aisle as a married couple.”


Describe your relationship in 5 words?

“Strong, Trusting, Loving, Faithful and Compassionate”

Your love story is made into a movie. What is the title of it?

“It’s all here”



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