Garrett Mountain Reservation Engagement | Brittany and Dan

October 12, 2019

Brittany and Dan’s Engagement session was a dream! I cannot get over how amazing these photos turned out! When I met with Brittany and Dan back in August we had discussed the theme of their engagement shoot but they left everything up to me to decide. Specifically the location. After a month of searching for the right location, I had finally found the one. I had a vision for what I wanted their shoot to look like and I knew that since we were doing an all-black look, I had to get the location exactly right. It was a matter of getting the right weather day, right time of year and the location had to be outdoors. I’d say we did a pretty stellar job getting all of the stars to line up for this shoot.

Brittany and Dan met 12 years ago through mutual friends. Because of their age difference is so large, it wasn’t until years later when things started getting serious. Brittany said it was love at first sight. She told her mom when she was 14 that she was going to marry Dan one day. Flash forward to 6 years ago, everything lined up and they have been together ever since.

Their favorite holiday is Halloween, so they went to Gettysburg and stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast. Dan took Brittany out to a nice dinner and when they got back, he brought her back to their room where he had rose petals leading to a canopy bed with chocolate-covered strawberries laid out in “will you marry me?” He had the fireplace going and candles were lit. She said the ambiance was perfect.

Brittany and Dan are tying the knot on October 3, 2020, at Jack’s Barn in Oxford, NJ.