College Photography Entrepreneur Visit Bronx NY

March 17, 2016

College Photography Entrepreneur Visit Bronx NY


Here is a blog that was written 4 years ago and here is what the author wrote from a college photography entrepreneur visit I did with a group of photography students at Harry S Truman HS


“BRONX, NY – Pursue your passion.  Work with reliable people.  Network.  Develop a team and make investments.  These are just a few of the messages conveyed to Truman Media’s aspiring photographers by entrepreneur Tom Russo.

“I’m used to getting experience form older people but getting advice from someone in the same age range is more relatable,” according to senior Daniel Adlam.”

“Russo, a senior at Montclair State University in New Jersey, spent the afternoon on March 16th speaking to students about launching his own business in college.  Russo will graduate this year with a music degree, but he discovered early on that photography was his passion.

After a brief PowerPoint presentation and discussion about starting the business, Russo invited about a dozen students to get hands-on and use three digital SLR cameras with specialized lenses.  They took the photoshoot outside, where students learned how the lenses interact with the camera, as well as tips and tricks for professionally lighting people with varying skin tones.

“The hands-on stuff we did in the afternoon was awesome for them,” said media teacher Mr. David Roush.  “We discovered several students who never really knew they had an “eye” for great photography.  It was fun to watch.”

To see more of Tom Russo’s work, you can visit  To see an album of the photos that were shot during the workshop, visit our Google Photos.”

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