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Why Have an Engagement Photo Session?

This is the best time of your life, and you should cherish every moment of your engagement. Being an Engagement Photographer New Jersey, I can capture your love on camera to look back on it for the years to come. Why Have an Engagement Photo Session? Why Do I need one? What is the Purpose?!

I have met with hundreds of couples, and almost all want to do an engagement session. Some couples may not find the need for an engagement session. This is a common trend in the wedding industry. When my couples approach me and ask, “Why do I need an engagement session?” or “We don’t want to do one?” I always ask why? Engagement Photographer New Jersey

Their answer usually is due to financial reasons. Most Photographers charge extra for engagement sessions. It should be complementary and should be included in your package. This aspect of your wedding day should not have an extra charge. Most photographers do charge extra, which can deter someone from wanting to shoot one to save money for their wedding.

You’re asking what the purpose of an engagement session is? Well, it is a chance to work with your photographer before your wedding day. This will allow you to get a feel for how they work, get used to being in front of the camera, and they will get a chance to see what ways to pose you to show off your most flattering features. Engagement Photographer New Jersey

One major thing I can recommend is to make sure that your engagement ring is CLEAN before coming to your session. This is a focal point of your session, and we want it to shine in the sun. We may even do close-up shots of your ring during the session, and we don’t want it to be scratched or dirty. Engagement Photographer New Jersey

The result will be amazing, and most of my couples say that it really got them in the wedding mood and excites them going forward for wedding planning.

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So if you are looking for an engagement photographer in the NJ area, call us at 732-614-6934 or fill out our contact form and let’s start planning your next photoshoot.

Where Will My Engagement Photography Take Place?

Location for your engagement session is SUPER important. The setting is everything for the session. Some of my best sessions came from having the right location and the right setting. It can be as simple as a park or a beach, but when the setting is spot on in all aspects, some of the best images can be produced. Pick a location that means the most to you or has some significance. Come in with an idea of what you would like for your engagement session and have some ideas. Engagement Photographer New Jersey

Please don’t come in cold turkey because your photographer won’t know what you want without communicating with them. Engagement Photographer New Jersey

Here are some of my top engagement session locations in New Jersey

Long Beach Island, NJ

Verona Park, NJ

Asbury Park Boardwalk, Asbury, NJ

Engagement Photographer New Jersey

Barn in Allentown, NJ

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ

Cross Estate Gardens, Bernardsville, NJ

Point Pleasant Boardwalk, Point Pleasant, NJ

Engagement Photographer New Jersey

Engagement Photo Props?

Engagement Session props can go as far as a full-on picnic or as small as a simple sign. I have had couples do all of that and in between. The props should have a purpose, meaning and should look well made. Everything should look cohesive and go with the theme of your engagement session. If you want to use champagne for your session, buy Welch’s Green Sparkling Grape Juice, it does the same thing. Most places don’t allow alcohol, so this is a great alternative.

What to Wear at My Engagement Picture Shoot?

Stick to two outfits. Do one outfit change. This will allow you to have more opportunities for photos. Keep your outfits formal and seasonal. Think of a nice outfit for a cocktail party, or you can go as formal as a full tux and ballgown. It truly makes a difference when you have the right colors and the right outfits for your session. I have gone to sessions where couples show up in street clothes, which doesn’t look good. You want to compliment colors and wear colors that are in season.

It is always good to bring more than the two outfits that you want or are going to wear for the session if the colors don’t work well with the backdrop of the location. I always recommend to my couples to bring more than they think for that exact reason. Having more options is better. I also recommend bringing a pair of walking shoes depending on the location. This way, we can get to the location safely and won’t risk you hurting yourself or messing up your shoes before we start shooting.


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