Point Pleasant Boardwalk Engagement | Chelsea and Greg

November 15, 2019

Chelsea and Greg won our Free Engagement Session Experience for the month of July.

Greg and Chelsea had known each other from high school but they really hit it off when they met again 4 years ago at the Pool Bar at Harrahs in Atlantic City.

Chelsea said that they couldn’t get enough of each other after that. Flash forward four years later they got engaged. Greg completely surprised Chelsea when he proposed. She had a long day at work and Greg wanted to take her out to dinner for her birthday just the two of them.

Even though Chelsea was NOT happy about it, she gave in and they went anyways. Greg took her to the spot where they had done a photoshoot a year prior. Along their stroll of the riverside gardens, Greg pulled Chelsea to the center of the grass and got down on one knee. Chelsea was completely in shock and didn’t realize what happened until she said “yes.” Then she said she apologized for being such a brat!

Our original plan was to go to do their session at Asbury Park Boardwalk but we decided last minute to go to Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk.

When we switched over to Point Pleasant, I had the perfect idea for their engagement shoot. I approached them with the idea of a date night! They immediately fell in love with the idea.

We got to Point Pleasant and the boardwalk was absolutely mobbed. For some reason, it was the busiest night of the summer there. So we had to improvise fast and worked our way down to more of a quiet section of the boardwalk.

We started with typical engagement photos on the beach. Since their wedding is going to be a beach wedding, I figured it would fit suit that we did some photos on the beach.

Once we finished with the beach photos, they made an outfit change and we got to the fun part. Chelsea put on this beautiful pink dress and Greg wore a really nice pink shirt to compliment his fiancé.

We started at the Musical Express. The ride attendant made an announcement about them being engaged and taking their engagement photos. The crowd cheered and of course, Chelsea got all shy!

We played Ring Toss, Skeeball, Claw Machines, Water-gun Shooters, and Whack-a-mole! Greg won the Water Gun game twice and Chelsea won the Whack-a-mole. She even walked home with a cute pink piggy.

We are so excited for the wedding! Greg and Chelsea will be tying the knot at Windows on the Water on June 26, 2021. If you are engaged and are looking for an Engagement  Photographer or a Wedding Photographer please CONTACT ME