We know when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer it's about more than their photos, so here is a little bit about us...

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Meet Tom Russo Top Wedding Photographer in NJ Wedding Photography 4

Hey I'm Tom

I am an Award-Winning & Published Wedding Photographer in NJ. I love seeing people smile and creating memories in front of my camera. Making people laugh and cry with tears of happiness through my photos is what I strive for each and every day.

I like to form long-lasting friendships with my clients and get to know more about them than what they are looking for in their dream wedding or what they want their engagement session to look like. I want to make my clients feel like friends or family and really get to know them so I can give them exactly what they are looking for.

I have gained so many opportunities as a photographer that I will never regret making this my career choice. Every job is different, no two days are ever the same, and I get to work with some of the greatest and most talented people in the industry. I’m a trendsetter, an adventurer, a coffee lover, and a photographer!

Meet the Rest of the Team

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Marty Keating

Shannon Pepe

Andrea Sabo

Head of Videography

Lead Photographer

Social Media Coordinator

Hey there, I'm Shannon!

I’m the social media coordinator for Tom Russo Photography! I’m a lover of all forms of art but photography is my favorite way to create. There is nothing I love more than being able to communicate a certain feeling through a photograph.

While in school I realized how powerful of a tool social media can be and have been exploring it ever since. My passion for photography combined with my love of social media has helped me get where I am today. I spend my free time being inspired by music, nature, and fashion which have always had an influence on my work.

I am a New Jersey-based elopement and intimate wedding photographer that captures life’s sweetest moments and milestones. My love for photography began in middle school as I observed my dad always carrying around a camera snapping photos of anything and everything. It fascinated me that art could be made through the lens of a camera. My interest grew in high school and college as I explored my creative side through art and photography classes. Once I stepped inside a dark room and witnessed the wonder of an image appearing on photo paper right in front of my very own eyes, I knew I was destined to be a photographer. Over time, God crafted my skill, gave me confidence in the gift he has given me, and prepared me to joyfully steward this gift through the lens of a camera.

What drives my passion today is the awe in capturing life’s fleeting moments. We are only going to live this moment in real-time once, so my goal is to create genuine moments and connections you’ll be able to look back at and rejoice in for years to come.

When I am photographing my clients I am focused on creating a joyful experience by showing them it’s okay to put down their walls to allow me to capture authentic responses to life's beautiful moments.

When I am not photographing the love that is shared between couples you can catch me hanging out with my own family, eating chocolate cake, or traveling and exploring life. The everyday beauty in the world around me inspires me and I'm delighted to share in a sweet moment in your life too!

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Arianna Tringali

Creative Director

Hi! My name is Arianna!

I am so excited to officially be on the TRP team!

I graduated from Montclair State in 2019 with my BA in Public Relations, and this is where I met Tom. I have been working with Tom for many years, but after this past year we realized we are a great team and I officially came on board!

I am the Creative Director and I absolutely love what I do! I get to

be creative and express myself while allowing for Tom to take the most fantastically decorated photos!

I adore designing the natural sets for the photos, and making people fall in love with themselves all over again with how gorgeous the photos come out!


Art is an expression of feelings, moments and our own perception of life! Don’t let anyone make you doubt that!

Get To Know Tom

10 Fun Facts About Me!

I have a degree in Music
I am deathly afraid of heights
I am an Annual Pass Holder to Walt Disney World
My favorite Disney character is Grumpy
I hate the cold
Christmas is my time of the year
I have traveled to 15+ countries
I have an 85lbs pit bull named Sully!
I prefer a night hanging with family than going to a club
I am all self-taught when it comes to photography





Its all about passion

 We love making people smile. It brings us joy to see that we have a positive impact on someone’s life. Photography has that power. There is so much more to what we do than simply taking a photo. It’s about connecting with the person on the other side of the camera. Being creative and seeing an image differently than anyone else. Some of our best work roots from the pure joy that we know our images will bring to a person. We are more than photographers, we are storytellers.