Top Engagement Session Photo Locations in NJ

When planning for an engagement session the hardest thing to do is pick a location. Unless a couple already has a place in mind that means something to them, they usually are not sure where they want to shoot their engagement session. Since I have photographed at many places, I figured I would give some insight into some amazing locations in New Jersey to shoot your engagement session.

Asbury Park Boardwalk – Asbury, NJ

The Asbury Park Boardwalk has become one of my new favorite places to do an engagement session at! The murals that they have there will make your photos just POP! The boardwalk is never really too crowded and if you go on an off day, you will pretty much have the entire place to yourself!

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Verona Park – Verona, NJ

Located right in the middle of Verona, NJ, Verona Park has a lot of character and is probably one of my favorite places to shoot. From the bridge, lake, hundreds of trees and beautiful trail, there are many spots to photograph here!

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Long Beach Island, NJ

Probably one of the best beaches to shoot on. LBI has an array of amazing locations and the beaches are clean and free to get on to. It also has one of the best sunsets in the state of NJ.

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Allentown, NJ

With 30 acres of land, this beautiful barn sits on the outskirts of Allentown, NJ. If you are into rustic barns and beautiful sunsets for your engagement session, then I would choose this hidden gem.

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Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk – Point Pleasant, NJ

Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk is the perfect place for a summer Friday night out with the family, but have you ever thought about using it for your engagement session? It is a great place to have a beach and boardwalk date night. Plus, you get a photographer following you around like your famous!


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Hoboken Waterfront – Hoboken, NJ

The Hoboken Waterfront is a great location to get a little taste of the city added to your session. The beautiful NYC skyline as your backdrop does not disappoint at this location. Like the botanical gardens, I also recommend shooting here during the Spring, Summer, and early Fall.

Top Engagement Session Photo Locations NJ 30


Allaire State Park – Wall, NJ

A state park located in Wall, NJ. Historic Allaire State Park is perfect all year around, but best in the fall. The leaves are beautiful, colorful and not to mention huge! This historic buildings add a beautiful touch and variety to the images as well. I highly recommend this location for your fall engagement sessions.

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Historic Batsto Village – Hammonton, NJ

Historic Batsto Village is another hidden gem in NJ. Similar to Allaire State Park, it has a ton of variety including a lake, historic village and tons of colorful trees. For anyone located in South Jersey, this is a place I’d highly recommend.

Top Engagement Session Photo Locations NJ 32


Sayen House and Gardens – Hamilton, NJ

This beautiful Garden in Hamilton NJ is perfect for couples, families and just about anything. They have a wide variety of locations to shoot at and it is beautiful all year round. No permits are required for this location.

Top Engagement Session Photo Locations NJ 33


Deep Cut Gardens – Middletown, NJ

This beautiful gardens in the center of Monmouth County is a beautiful location for weddings and engagements. Equipped with a green house, rose garden and beautiful flowers, this hidden gem is stunning in all seasons. I don’t recommend going in the summer though, it is super hot in the sun.

Top Engagement Session Photo Locations NJ 34

Liberty State Park – Jersey City, NJ

Located in Jersey City, NJ, Liberty State Park is a staple location for NJ wedding and engagement photographers. I recommend this location for a city feel but not actually in NYC. The skyline adds a beautiful backdrop and this place has a TON to offer. I suggest shooting here at sunrise or sunset, not in the middle of the day.

Top Engagement Session Photo Locations NJ 35


If you are interested in hearing more about these great locations or can see yourself in any of these images, head right over to our contact page by Clicking Here to set up your next shoot! I will update this page as time goes on and we explore more amazing locations NJ has to offer.

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