Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

I don’t even know where to begin. This was one of those styled sessions that you go ahead and shoot it when you get the opportunity to shoot it. Earlier last month, Brittany and I were asked to fly to Minnesota and shoot an amazing style session set up by two excellent friends. They hosted a workshop-type style session for photographers from around Minneapolis at one of the most sought-after venues in the Central Midwest, Pinewood Weddings and Events. The start session can sometimes be one of those situations that allows you to grab unbelievable content for your wedding portfolio.

The salt station consisting of five different groups across five different stations around this beautiful venue. We had two sets of models, who were both engaged, a solo bride, a flat lay station, and a tablescape station. Each group got roughly 25 minutes at each station to create beautiful images from behind the camera. I was fortunate enough to be asked to lead one of the smaller groups. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

My job as the lead photographer for this specific group was to guide any of the newer photographers and answer any questions they may have had throughout the session. I was lucky to have three other photographers equally as talented and only asked for help if they were confused or needed some tips. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

I had a chance to start with the first set of models, Hannah and Terry. Hannah and Terry will be getting married sometime this year. I love working styled sessions with real-life couples because the chemistry is there, and it makes the photos are more realistic when it comes to a wedding day portrait. Often, traditional couples won’t want to see each other in a tuxedo and wedding dress, so they opt out of the styled session. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

Then the group went over to flat lays. It is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day to shoot, and I can create true artistry. When I have the time to take and arrange the details how I want them to be, I produce some of my best work.

One of my favorite things about doing site sessions like these is the opportunity to get great detail content. Wedding day details don’t always pan out the way you want them to, especially when it comes to lay flats as well as overall details. The bride sometimes doesn’t think to get all of their details squared away; however, when you do go to styled sessions, they usually put together a beautiful set of details for you to photograph. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

The best things about styled sessions are that you can get content to fill in portions of your portfolio that you want more photos for. I shoot styled sessions to gain content for my wedding portfolio to practice skills that I don’t get to practice on a real wedding day.

We moved onto the Solo Bride with Olivia. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. One of my favorite shots from this portion was a shot I took from behind, looking down the dress. Her smile is infectious, and she was laughing a ton.

We moved on to working with Emilie and Ryan for the outside ceremony space location. This area is what Pinewood is known for. Anyone who looks up their location knows this location. I wish I had double the time in this area. I could have created so much more with them, but unfortunately, time got away from us. We did some solos of Emilie and Ryan, then, of course, photos of them together. We even found the hidden pile of logs that makes for a beautiful backdrop during wedding portraits. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

I would describe this styled session as very much a classic elegant style. Their choice of florals leaned more on the greener side, which worked really well with the styled of the venue. My favorite look was the groom of the second couple that I worked with had a green suit. That isn’t something you normally see in a styled shoot, let alone a wedding. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

The florals were exquisite and consisted of a lot of greenery. The greenery truly worked well for this venue. Each bride had a unique dress specifically made to accentuate their beauty. I truly enjoyed all the aspects this venue had to offer, mainly the camaraderie between the vendors and the venue owner, and the two hosts who arranged this entire day. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

If you are a photographer who enjoys using natural light, this is the venue for you. Every wall has a window and not just one window but floor-to-ceiling windows. Everything about this venue is a photographer’s paradise, so if you ever get the chance to photograph a wedding here, I promise you that you will get amazing content. There are many hidden gems of this venue that you wouldn’t know to shoot in unless you have been there or know someone who has shot there before. There are many iconic shots of this venue, although it’s only been around since 2019.

One of my favorite spots at Pinewood is the ceremony space. It is a beautiful path, and it is lined with tall pine trees that curve behind the venue and lead to a beautiful stack of logs. Their ceremony seating consists of 15 benches on either side that seat roughly 10 to 12 people across. There is a beautiful deck as well as a balcony that overlooks the ceremony space. Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

The color palette that the owners chose for Pinewood is gorgeous. It is a neutral pallet consisting of white, black, and gray and many open areas to make the venue seem a lot larger than it actually is. They have a ceremony space upstairs that is indoors and to the bridal suite and the main ballroom, which leads out to the back patio where the outdoor ceremony would be held. There is a beautiful lobby that you can take photos in, and the iconic shot of this venue is upstairs in front of the black railings with the window behind the subject.

This styled session was truly a magical experience, and I cannot wait to get back to this venue and shoot some more beautiful images. Pinewood is truly one magical venue, and I recommend anybody looking at this place for a wedding or two houses down session to absolutely do so.

You won’t be disappointed!

Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN Pinewood Styled Session Cambridge MN

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